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Review - Woolwich Pier Hotel

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Perched on a balcony at the end of a peninsula my dining companion dubbed “the uvula of Sydney Harbour” I survey the view.

The wide, comfortable verandah affords a view of the Iron Cove, Anzac and Sydney Harbour bridges; a vista only improved by fireworks (thanks to Sydney Opera House’s 40th Birthday).

The upstairs theming feels post-Colonial...

...with wide bamboo ceiling fans, wall-mounted stag horns (a nice change from those ever-present plywood deer heads) and uber-comfortable leather safari chairs.

They’ve eschewed most of the obvious renovated pub fare in favour of a more chic than shabby collection of British comfort food...

...from pot pies to Ploughman’s lunches; Cornish pasties to scones with clotted cream.

The theme even carries through to antique plates.

Excellent house-made Pickled Vegetables ($10)...

...and Potted Crab ($14) keep me happy through Game, Set & Match ($30) – a jug of Chambord and Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum lengthened with fruit and lemonade.

Tea-soaked raisins and a hint of Keen’s Curry Powder in the vinaigrette raise the Poached Chicken and Mango Salad ($18) beyond usual pub salads.

Crisp Skinned Confit Duck Leg ($26) on Savoy cabbage with chestnuts and figs was let down by an oversweet jus...

....but don’t let that stop you from making your safari to the wilds of Woolwich.

*This was my PUB OF THE WEEK on 2GB 873 Fresh! with Luke Grant & Luke Mangan
on Sunday 3rd November, 2013:

Woolwich Pier Hotel
2 Gale Street, Woolwich
Ph: (02) 9817 2204

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