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Review - Dhaka Delight

Cutting a grand silhouette under a gold crescent moon on the corner of Lakemba’s main drag and Railway Parade, Dhaka Delight immediately caught my eye.

This long, thin Bangladeshi pastry store is a great place to load up on sugar, especially while sitting in a window seat watching this suburb come to life on a sleepy Sunday morning.

Being familiar with Indian sweets, I wasn’t surprised to recognise some of the range from this close subcontinental neighbour.

Dhaka Delight’s Gulab Jamun ($2/each) are a particularly delicious rendition of a sweet I’ve been eating since childhood. Like many sweets from the Indian subcontinent, they’re made using milk powder in place of where we might put flour. This gives sweets like this one a creamy, milky richness that’s offset by the cardamom and rose water flavouring the sugar syrup they’re soaked in.

We also tried some jilapi; you might be more familiar with their Indian name – jalebi. They’re bright orange, fried dough squiggles that ooze sugar syrup when you bite into them.

Some of the sweets I hadn’t seen before were the Cream Toasts ($3/each), which looked like unbaked miniature hotdogs in buns. We took a couple home, and found out they were milky pastries soaked in sugar syrup, filled with logs of whipping cream, then dusted with finely chopped pistachios.

Their tastier Cream Jam ($3/each) neighbours took the aforementioned gulab jamun style sweets, split them, then inserted the same thick, creamy centre, this time under a dusting of dried milk.

Oval-shaped Shada Chomchom ($3/each) were also dusted in dried milk, and represented another new adventure for my palate into Bangladeshi desserts. All the sweets I have described here can be purchased as single treats, or by the kilo, with kilo prices running up to thirty dollars.

Dhaka Delights also offers up a range of café style drinks running from coconut thickshakes to freshly made condensed milk tea. This business is part of the neighbouring Khushboo Sweets & Restaurant family, and as such, has no web presence of its own. You can get some idea of their daily specials - including which flavours of shisha pipe they're serving - from the Khushboo Facebook page.

I visited for sweets as part of Taste Food Tours’ Beirut Bangladesh and Beyond tour ($99/person).
Read more about this food tour HERE.

Dhaka Delight
44 Haldon Street, Lakemba
Ph: (02) 9750 9747

Dhaka Delight Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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