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Review - Gazebo Wine Garden

After a crappy broke day, due to SO borrowing lots of cashola earlier in the week, he got paid so I went 'round and was bought dinner at the new Gazebo Wine Bar and it made brokeness a distant past memory, thanks honey!

We had some vouchery goodness too. I love a good voucher. Perceived value for money is very important to me. I am happy to spend to receive, but to receive more than perceived spendage (in terms of a whole range of things, a good experience, superb food, or extraordinary value for money) makes me happy in my wallet.

So the voucher gave us a free bottle of Pinot Noir (Como Sur) from Chile. And we ordered two small plates - scallops with semi-dried tomatoes, olives and fennel; and flash fried squid with Kim Chi. Both were really good - salt'n'pepper squid works really well with Kim Chi, and it wasn't a combination we'd seen before. The scallops were perfectly cooked, I personally thought the olives dominated too much, but that's just me.

As a side we had an innovative salad - potato, egg, tomato, beans and olives. Again, quite successful I thought - a balsamic dressing that I could only detect lemons, chives and oil with... but that's not to say there wasn't more. It was a really nice potato salad that didn't incorporate mayonnaise.

We then moved to a cheese board, as looking at the four choices, 2 ranked as firm favourites - Milawa Gold Washed Rind (VIC) and the Brie de Nangis (FRANCE). There was also a ewes milk cheese, (Marquis) which I really liked, but thought the serve was very stingy; and a blue which I actually enjoyed. The cheese was served with an excellent walnut and apricot toast, fresh apples, seedless red grapes, and divine fresh dates... so like caramels! There was a savoury cracker too, but the toast was the real winner - it actually made the blue very approachable to non-blue eaters like my partner and I.

Before eating, we browsed the wine list, and I though there was quite a lot I would have been interested in trying - an extensive by the glass range too, and due to their argon storing methods, a lot of wines by the glass that you usually wouldn't see due to the expense of them. The per bottle list ranged from around the $30 mark up to a $411 bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal.

Ambiance was nice, loved the outdoors, lots of heating. However on one side, the wall of parked paddy-wagons made me feel like I was in a raid. Staff were young and friendly, if lacking a little in focus.

All in all, I think I would return, and I would be keen to watch for menu updates. A lot of it seemed geared toward warmer times (raw fish, chilled seafood dishes). In fact the worse part of the whole experience is their young, pretentious, loud and crass clientele - I guess that's not really their fault though!

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