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Review - Fish on Fire

Amidst all the fancy food, it's nice to have some more simple pleasures - and Fish on Fire delivered just that! It's a cute little fish cafe on Glebe Point Road, with some indoor, and some outdoor tables, and a roaring take-away trade in fish burgers, salads and all your seafood staples.

With my partner's evil smoking habit, we of course chose to dine al fresco  - which frankly I prefer anyway except when it's cold (but I'll never let on). Here he is kicking back outside:

We started with what was one of the better versions of Salt and Pepper Squid ($6.50) I have had recently - and it was a total bargain. Check out the scored, crisp and largely oil free coils of squid below:

You'll like meeting the owner Theo Hlorotitis too - seafood's in his blood. His family have been in fish shops for the last 35 years. It shows in the fabulous famous Mixed Seafood Grill ($12.50) - as you can see from the photo, it was brimming with fresh produce including barbequed Octopus, Perch pieces, Calamari Rings, King Prawns & Mussels which have been grilled with olive oil, lemon juice and herbs; served with a fresh Greek Salad with vinaigrette; crisp beer battered chips and tartare sauce.

I loved my Grilled Atlantic Salmon ($12.50) too - a beautiful (and under-priced) grilled slab of fish, with another fresh salad, though I chose potato scallops over the SUPERB beer battered chips... more fool me! (Don't get me wrong - the potato scallops were great, the chips were AMAZING).

And if I haven't sold you on the seafood (why not I ask?) go for the Baby Creme Caramel ($1) - it was good:

Actually, that was Craig's favourite... I returned to my childhood with a superbly creamy cinnamon-topped Rice Pudding ($2.50):

You could go to Fish on Fire have dinner, a soft drink and dessert, and still afford a magazine to read while you're there from a twenty dollar note. It's really a cut above your average seafood cafe.

Fish on Fire
217A Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Ph: (02) 9660 4212

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