MissDissent (missdissent) wrote,

The Long Weekend That Was

Most of the October Long Weekend defies description. There are some bits that I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. However, here is a photograph one of the only moments I can share:

It was a masterpiece of a salad - think a bed of baby cos, pear, raspberries, Maasdam cheese, shallots, pistachios, mint, coriander, sweet potato croutons, oven roasted raspberry balsamic mini roma tomatoes, with a dressing of olive oil, maple syrup and a variety of vinegars (apple cider vinegar, raspberry balsamic), green Tabasco, green chillies and rice wine.

So Saturday evening began (at least) with a healthy dose of vitamins, and a damn fine piece of Angus steak (from Richard Meats in Balgowlah) each... and then, well then it was Monday afternoon, and we had visitors (felix_femme, grey_evil_twin and shinannigans).

Actually, there is a second image - and all it proves is that there was SCORPION Mezcal Reposado Tequila... here is Senor Leon, complete with hat.  He thought he looked pretty damn cool in the hat, and walked very carefully around the lounge room wearing it, several times, before sliding to the floor for a gentle siesta. Craig was required to eat the scorpion during the evening's festivities.

I leave you this, from the Tequila's website:

"If your partner cheats on you, drink mezcal; if you suspect as much, drink mezcal.
If you are unfaithful, drink mezcal; if you are monogamous, drink mezcal.
If you have doubts, drink mezcal; if you are certain, drink mezcal.
At any moment, and under any circumstances, drink mezcal."
- from "Reflections of a Mezcolatrist" by Ulises Torrentera.
(Translated from the original Spanish by John Dickie)
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