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October in Sydney

Tonight we ventured out to Harmonie Desastres - an evening of cabaret Studio-style with Germanic singer-cum-circus starlet, Meret Becker. She was quite mad, very entertaining, and accompanied by an absolute kick-arse backing band, Ars Vitalis. They were the quintessential dirty old men, and delightfully fabulous musicians to boot.

We also toured the city a bit, checking out some of the art from Art & About 2007, taking place outside of Customs House.

They were very cute, and a hit with Asian tourists:

We also ventured into Customs House to look at two cool models. The first was a Sydney city model under the floor, and it was pretty amazing:

Apparently there is a man who climbs into the silver hatch to make adjustments whenever new buildings spring up. Here is a view where you can see it is under the floor:

Up a few levels, there was another model. This one was just of the Opera House, but it still took a year to complete:

It was designed in 1960 (back before there was computer modeling) in order to see how the air conditioning systems would work, and sadly it has been in storage until recently. My photo doesn't show it well, but you could look into the house, seeing theatre seats etc, and the white ducts which form the air conditioning system.

[Personally in this day and age, I am surprised they don't think of it as a blue-print of terrorists to crawl through the ducts and blow up visiting American presidents with bombs strapped to their chests. After all we do live in a time when moisturiser is banned on international flights *sigh* for which my dry skin thanks John Howard. Another nail in that coffin Johnny-boy, I tell you - that and not being able to say bomb at the airport *bigger sigh*.]

And finally up to the top level of this building to see the famed Cafe Sydney. Now we couldn't afford to eat there, but *drumroll* it's Good Food Month, so like us, you too can have a cocktail and a canape for $20 in a luxury venue near you! For more information, go here: http://www.gfm.smh.com.au/eventcategory_list.asp?intcategoryid=10

Now with Belvedere Vodka as a sponsor, cocktails are going to be good. Our cocktail was called a Red October which contained a generous measure of Belvedere Vodka shaken with hints of Campari, Licor 43, fresh lime, blood orange, strawberries and pineapple. Our two bite snack was a lovely Kingfish tartare tartlet with tomato salsa, blood orange and ocean trout roe.

I almost forgot that we started the evening with a few bite sized snacks at the Night Noodle Markets. The best snack was from a stall called Japancake. For a bargain $7, we got a plate sized Japanese pancake (or
Okonomiyaki), a container of 4 soft shell crabs ($5), a peking duck pancake ($4) and a steamed coconut and chocolate pudding ($4.50). We shared all of these things between us, and felt whilst value and quality had sunk a little from previous years, it was still a fun experience.

Look out for the Banana Blossom stall if you go - they're a Cremorne restaurant, and the quality of their food was high (the pudding came from there).

Cafe Sydney
Customs House Building, Level 5, 31 Alfred Street, Circular Quay, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9251 8683
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