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Review - Foveaux Restaurant & Bar

I'll start by saying that I really enjoyed this restaurant - from the sandstone architecture, to the feel of the place, to the attitude of the staff, and certainly for the food. I had been looking forward to going ever since dining during Darryl Felstead's last week at The Restaurant at 3 Weedsas his food interests me, mostly because of his successful integration of lots of Ferran Adria's techniques.

So mostly I sat back through this 9 course degustation menu ($100) and enjoyed. But his plating was so impressive I had to snap off a few photos of the later courses. A quick nod though to the first course of Oysters ($4/each) which were served with red wine vinegar pearls (Adria's spherification trick of using agar to form a ball around an ingredient - in this case red wine vinegar) which echoed the accompanying salmon roe perfectly. I also loved the delicate crab ice-cream in the bowl of Kingfish Ceviche ($22).

Remember, the prices are for full portions, the pictures are of degustation portions! The first photo was probably the least impressive course, but looked beautiful on the plate, and was nice to eat - it was a goat's cheese sandwich of sorts, with a baby vegetable salad:

The most impressive dish sounds awful but was absolute heaven, especially crunching the mini toffee apple at the end to refresh your palate. It was called Pig’s Head Terrine, Gougon of Pig’s Ear, Red Cabbage Coleslaw and Toffee Apple ($22) – and it was a symphony of taste sensations.

Probably his most famous dish is the Sweetcorn Custard, Roasted Yabbies, Crisp (deboned) Chicken Wings, Carrot Foam & Popcorn ($22) which looked awesome on the plate - look at the carrot foam! I was glad for the custard too, as this was an intensely flavoured mouth orgasm!

Fish dishes are rarely my favourites, but this was a serious contender - Snapper with Chorizo Puree, Saute of Globe Artichoke, Borlotti Bean and Potato, Red Pepper Jelly and Warm Mayonnaise ($34). There were so many combinations you could make, it really felt like designing your own dinner. The red capsicum jelly was cool!

Now we did ask about the olive skid mark on this dish, as we found it funny, but the dish itself is called Junee Lamb, Smoked Eggplant Puree, Tomato Vierge with Fondant Spring Onions, fried Polenta and Candied Garlic ($34). If I could pick the best element, it was the cube of polenta, that was crunchy on the outside and melted inside - not my usual experience of polenta at all!

I can't urge you strongly enough - if you like innovative cuisine, get thee to Foveaux Restaurant & Bar as soon as you can! The value for money on the degustation, 9 courses ($100) is superb, as there is loads of plating, more than enough food, and such a huge journey for your palate and mind!

Foveaux Restaurant & Bar
65-67 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills
Ph: (02) 9211 0664

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