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Review - Yipiyiyo

Here's the dinner/dining report on last night, as promised!

The evening started with an invitation to princess_pouts's girly birthday dinner. So I duly arrived at Yipiyiyo just before 7.30pm to find myself sitting opposite 3 beautiful (and prompt!) young ladies, and we nattered away with gay abandon, aside from a few orders from the waiter that had me smiling evilly, and the ladies snickering. Sometimes it would pay to bring a big whip when I go out.

My entree, a duck, pistachio & pear salad was a bit average. I think it was because of the duck, which was a bit stringy and dry... it kind of reminded me of pulled pork I had in Hawaii, at a luau, which is not exactly what you want from duck is it?

princess_pouts, our birthday girl had calamari. The waitron thought it was funny to bring out a plate of rubber bands. It seems he does this once per table who orders calamari. I am not convinced. The calamari was pink. I wasn't convinced by that either.

For a main I had pork with a sweet potato and prosciutto gratin, which was lovely. The pork was of beautiful quality, and the gratin was so tasty it almost eclipsed the pork. It was all washed down with a lovely Evans & Tate Sauvignon Blanc, and a vintage Seppelt bubbles.

The meal was wrapped up with two shared serves of peanut butter Heaven & Hell cake, which was mauled by one of the performers. But wait, I'm forgetting to say the waitron came and said that we needed to go to the toilet immediately (as he served the dessert) because once the performance started, we were verbotten to leave the table. Hmmm... I don't do so well on orders.

Anyway, the 'cabaret' performance actually turned out to be Kath and Kim's Xmas in July show. Lots of ritual humiliation, wine needed to be hidden from them as they helped themselves often (though watchingprincessebee's facial consternation as they did it was pretty funny) and one actually stabbed a slice of our cake and gnawed from it.

I really feel that my supportive attitude to performers was challenged by this show. I was frightened. So was tizzytinka who thought it was more scary than Wolf Creek.

I was also offended when they got a male diner of Asian descent to wear a headdress so they could sing the line: "We three kings and an Oriental." I guess they thought that Australia racism was funny, and thus should be celebrated. I am afraid I don't.

At the end of the show, princessebee asked if we got a discount on the mauled cake. Waitron said: 'No you have to pay double for that bit.' We all laughed through clenched teeth.

I found the show remarkably sobering. I guess I am not into theatre restaurants. Or maybe it's just when I hear cabaret, I think Christa  Hughes's sublime warblings. Maybe I have been spoiled? However, I did laugh when tizzytinka asked if I had been to Dracula's, and said that it was better because they gave you a very large cocktail. I reckon that would've helped. She's a very smart girl.

Needless to say though, I love an entertaining experience, which the night was - it was different and strange and lighthearted and bubbly. So thank you to the girl-pack for a bunch'a fun!

As a strange aside, I drove home afterward and turned on the tv to see Kath and Kim on the screen. Having never watched it, I felt compelled because of the strange coincidence (I mean I have like 70 channels, so to switch on tv and it be on is funny). And I guess they were offensive too, so really, maybe the performers did a better job than I gave them credit for.

290 Crown St
reet, Darlinghurst
Ph: (02) 9332 3114

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