MissDissent (missdissent) wrote,

Review - High Tea, Guilluame at Bennelong

Eons ago now, the lovely[info]ms_victoria  accompanied me to High Tea, Guilluame at Bennelong. It's really one for budding Opera buffs, with the amazing acoustic building providing the perfect sound stage for an Opera Principal to sing a few little ditties. But as you can see, there was also tea, pink champagne, and of course some dainty little morsels. First we got a savoury plate:

I was a bit disappointed that the staff didn't interject when they saw people try to delicately cut the rock hard toast and clanging their knifes into the plate in the dead silent room. Such a simple thing to gently advise cutting the roast beef and putting it on the toast, then picking up the toast and biting into it.

There were also some sugary morsels, including a raspberry souffle and a delightful pistachio sweet that I wished there were more of! Alas, excess was not a feature of this particular High Tea.

High Tea, Guilluame at Bennelong
Every second Wednesday from 2-4pm, $145 per person.
Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point Circular Quay (02) 9250 7250
Tags: food, wine
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