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Review - Lebanon and Beyond

If you like lebanese food and feel like a nice date, Lebanon and Beyond would be a perfect place to go. Why not make a night of it and treat your honey to a movie too at The Randwick Ritz (which is reasonably close by)? I hazard you could pay for dinner and a movie each and get change from a $100. It's not too fancy, locals flock to it, and the food is great!

The best two things for me were the delicate pastry on the Lady’s Fingers ($9) and the Spinach Pie ($9) which they slice diagonally. These are the best examples of this dish that I have tried in Australia.

They also have perhaps my favourite Hummous in Sydney, available on a great Mix Dip Plate ($11/$16.50) with a lovely Labne, and an okay Baba Ganoush. Why is it that a great Hummous and a great Baba Ganoush are never to be found at the same restaurant?

If you’re feeling daring, order Fattouch ($8.50/$15) – it’s a garden salad heavily seasoned with sumac and lemon juice, flecked with crunchy pieces of fried Lebanese bread - a riot in your mouth. I thought it was a great alternative if you're a bit bored with Tabouli.

Their dishes are well presented – for mains it’d be hard to go past the Shish Kebab ($15.90), a well-cooked char-grilled feast of marinated lamb chunks; or the Garlic Chicken ($15.90), skewered breast pieces of chook, also marinated and char-grilled. But it's the Shawarma ($15.90) that looks the most beautiful on the plate, as you can see by my photo.

I found the service to be warm, although they perhaps got a little less interested once your dishes had been delivered. They also gave a lot of complimentary extras like plates of olives, pickled peppers and peanuts to abate your hunger while you peruse the menu; and chewing gum to freshen your mouth as you leave.

Lebanon and Beyond
Shop 3/187 Alison Road, Randwick
Ph: (02) 9326 5347

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