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New Year's Eve

Our NYE was loads of fun - we had three distinct stages, and started partying at about 3pm on the 31st and finished at 10pm on the 01st. This year we pre-planned well, dropping my car only meters from the Opera House at the Stamford before all the roads got blocked off, so we could drive out when we wanted to leave! It was a scathingly brilliant idea!

We began the evening at The Lord Mayor's NYE party which was apparently 'the place to be' according to the papers. We're even pictured in the Sun Herald's social pages today which made me laugh! Craig wore tails, and I went with a Grecian styled dress in black and cream...

I knew it was going to be a good night when the God botherers were THWARTED! Here they are trying to spread the word of man (masquerading as the word of God) in the sky over the millions of people lining Sydney Harbour:

It all seems to be going swimmingly...

... until Satan struck... and the message was obliterated by clouds before it's true meaning could be understood. BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA.

Here we both are watching the sun set on 2007 for the final time:

There was drinking, dining, dancing, shooting off confetti cannons, gifts of limited edition Swatch Watches and a lot of waiting with baited breath under the sparkling lights...

And then there were fireworks... many... at two stages during the evening...

The next phase of our NYE from 3am - 5am involved a visit from the past, in the form of inn_timidation and her fiancee Toby (with their friend whom we dubbed 'sleeping man'). It was fun to catch up after about three years of not seeing her, and meet her new partner.

And the final phase from 5am-10pm was spent with Kate and her cool younger brother Alex with activities that included a swimming adventure and all sorts of other festive daytime fun. There were many missions, and we even got a visit from Ronnie to boot.
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