MissDissent (missdissent) wrote,

House of the Holy Afro

Tonight we ventured in to The Metro to see one of the 2008 Sydney Festival shows - House of the Holy Afro. What an amazing and surprising show... it left me wishing for a handful of enhancements!

Think Africa meets Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras on ACID!

A DJ kept it pumping, there were amazing vocal melodies, drum rhythms, fat chicks in babydolls and blonde afros, sexual references to black pussy, men wearing tinsel skirts, tranny action, performers pashing audience members & a sound track of absolute doom!

It also got possibly the best audience participation I have seen at any live show! Clapping, singing, jumping, waving your arms... I made my first ever You-Tube video from my digital camera to show you all!

We thought any who love Club Kooky or Club Arak would find this show amazing - it really was a Mardi Gras party in Africa! Shame the marketing didn't give any inkling of the type of show it would be - you were up the whole time dancing your tush off!

If you have any inclination to see it, there are 5 more shows. Here is a link to it:
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