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La Grand Cirque

Last night we went to see La Grand Cirque at The Opera House. It's an international circus, where the performers are supposedly the best the world has to offer. To me it felt like a bunch of amazing Chinese performers, and a few accessory performers from other parts of the world. The highlights were the pole routine with an amazing bunch of young Chinese guys, and the same group of men doing acrobatics through rings balanced on top of each other.

The photos are of a Chinese woman making herself into a chandelier. The Chinese women had great diablo skills too (though it's still not my particular favourite type of trick). There was a great duo of Chinese women too, one lying on a little ramp spinning the other girl (who also used ribbons) on her feet. That was cool, apart from a lil' case of over rotation that saw her fly off erratically - but she had a catcher (whom my partner decided beat them with a stick when they fuck up, and from his expression, this did seem likely). But this was the preview night... so small errors are to be expected.


Probably the best part was the 'Wheel of Death' - a trick apparently so dangerous other circuses refuse to do it. The usual performers (Brazilians apparently) had injured themselves in rehearsal, so it was left to the ever daring Chinese. One seemed to come off and hit his mouth at the end, but smiled through it like a real trooper. I hope the Chinese performers all get paid a lot of money.

Watching one part of this show made me appreciate Brisbane duo PopEyed (who as Show Producer I booked for Inquisition XI back in 2003). After watching the acro-balance routine, I think PopEyed would blow this acro-balance duo out of the water.

There are more shows by this particular outfit, click on this link for more information: http://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/Whatson/LeGrandCirque.aspx
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