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Review - Supa IGA

This was the first time I had reviewed a supermarket's deli, but like most things in this job, I found the experience both fun and funny. In fact, until I didn't win a Vespa, we were using Pyrmont Supa IGA for our weekly shopping.

Perhaps I should explain... the store had a competition where if you spent over $30, you could enter your receipt in the draw to win one of three cute little Vespas, a red one, a blue one and a silver one. The catch was, you had to be IN THE STORE during the draw to win, and they'd redraw until a winner for each was found. Miss Optimist thought NOBODY would be as anal as her, and thus went to this new supermarket religiously, despite it being several suburbs away. Mr Pessimist scoffed, but knew enough to support the delusion, which Miss Optimist entertained each time she was in store, and even outside of those times. "On Saturday we go to pick up my Vespa," may have even been uttered. A colour may have even been chosen. I am sure you get the picture.

Anyway, 10 odd shopping visits and entries later, we show up on the day, to face Mr Pessimist's prediction of 500 odd people. Anyway, Miss Optimist ignores this roadblock and soldiers on resolutely. They do some microphone stuff, asking how many entries people have, and only 2-3 people have more that us, a sign of course to Miss Optimist that the red Vespa is still hers. A path to the front is plotted (the first person there got to choose colour first).

Anyway, first three names drawn. Miss Optimist's name is not among them. And all the people drawn are there. Suck.

Mr Pessimist cautiously (cleverly?) avoids saying much. Miss Optimist marches back to car. Unfortunately the supermarket (though actually great) is henceforth tainted with being the-supermarket-where-I-didn't-win-my-Vespa and thus has lost much of its earlier appeal.

But of course, YOU should not let my experiences stop you from enjoying Pyrmont's new Supa IGA.

The fresh salads are good - my recommend is the Seaweed Salad ($4.49/small). The Turkish Delight I found on the counter is also fresh and of excellent quality.

I didn't personally try the seafood - basically because of my own prejudice against buying seafood within a one minute walk of the fish markets. It just seems wrong to me. I like to eliminate the middle man and buy direct from the producer where possible and practical.

I did notice the prices. If you have ever bought Maggie Beer Quince or Pear paste, I am sure wouldn't have got it for any less than $4.99. So the prices here are comparatively good.

Speaking of Maggie Beer - she's now making ice-cream! We tried the Vanilla Bean & Elderflower ($8.99) and it was lovely - delicately perfumed and flavoured. Very adult. I am looking forward to trying the range when I finish my current selection of Serendipity's Coconut Macaroon (heavenly).

This platter represents just under $30 of products. The best items I tried were their BBQ Chickens (really well cooked - moist, great skin, nice chook), and the Parma Ham which they sold for a fabulous price!

Now you all know I am a meat fascist. And I am. I do not usually buy meat from a supermarket. I have basically 4 butchers where I do all of our meat shopping. I drive to Kogarah for Bangalow Pork for christ's sake! But the profile on these products read really well, and I was of course bound by my journalistic duty. So I purchased the selection you see above.

Just so you can see, here is a shot where you can read both the price and the profile of the Pork Sausages with Ginger and Shallots ($6.79/500g). They were great, and had the best ginger taste I have ever had in a sausage.

The moisture infused Pork Scotch Fillets ($6.57/506g) were also good. The Rack of Lamb and the Spare Ribs were easily beaten in taste by the places I usually buy meat.

But all in all, I am amazed that supermarket meat from this store is indeed an option I will revisit!

And just in case you were wondering - I am promoting this because it is a great shop, and a viable competitor to giants like Coles and Woolworths. I believe in IGA's philosophy about local people owning and running local supermarkets. I was surprised to find that Supa IGAs have the product range you need for doing your weekly shops (having only been in normal IGAs up until now). They also have ample FREE parking (for under an hour) underneath the building, and you DON'T have to go into a mall to shop there (my pet hate).

Oh and they have disabled access too, if you prefer ramps and lifts to stairs when carrying heavy loads, or for riding your shopping trolley down, as the case may be. Me - I'm a rider ;-)

Pyrmont Supa IGA
63 Miller Street, Pyrmont
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