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Exciting Products

In my column in The City Hub this month I raved about a few products I have stumbled across lately that were really good. If you're in the Kings Cross neighbourhood, drop into Yellow Bistro & Food Store to pick up a packet of plump Potato Gnocchi ($14.50). They're made by chef George Sinclair and they're seriously good! I agree that they're pretty darn expensive but you know, taste may win out for me on this one.

While you're there, pastry chef Lorraine Godsmark’s Bread and Butter Pudding ($11/eat in, $9/takeaway) is simply to die for. Take it home, cover it in foil and stick it in the oven to warm up, and taste sublime comfort.

We also tried some Polenta ($3.75), but it was not as successful in my opinion... perhaps it's just me - I keep wanting to like polenta, but rarely do, except in a restaurant.

Another exciting product (which will go nicely with the gnocchi) is the cheese at The Cheese Room in Alexandria. They are really focusing on Australian farmhouse cheeses, like Capparis (from Gloucester) and Fromart. He makes this awesome cheese called Fromart Mutschli ($49.95/kg) which was an amazing colour! I liked it both as an eating cheese, and as a melting cheese.

Beyond supporting artisan producers, The Cheese Room also has some tasty imports. I also enjoyed a few imported cheeses that both included ewes milk (a personal favourite in cheese). The first was a Collesardo au Sardo (from Sardinia).

I also liked the Queso de Oueja Viejo - it's Spanish.


While you're shopping for cheese, the The Cheese Room is also a cafe - I had a lovely Croque-Monsieur ($8.50). It's the benchmark for a decent ham and cheese sandwich in my world, though I hazard that Le Petit Creme may do it better, simply because of the bread they choose... I would have to go back and make sure though!

One product that I tried that didn't make it into my column is the Glace Sour Cherry and Passionfruit Sorbet ($13.80 / 750ml) . It's a great tasting product, but it has a high price tag and it went hard after a week of being in our freezer - this is despite it having an expiry date in July 2008.

Similar products from makers like Serendipity have not had this problem - hence them going in my column in preference. The products I have purchased from them went for weeks without hardening, and tasted great.

You can read about them in my column below if you like!

And of course, if you stumble across a sorbet that is better, or in fact any newly opened produce store or fabulous product (especially an Australia one), I'd love you to let me know about it!

Yellow Bistro & Food Store
57-59 Macleay St, Potts Point
Ph: (02) 9357 3400

The Cheese Room
34 Henderson Road, Alexandria
Ph: (02) 8394 9384

27 Marion St, Leichhardt
Ph: (02) 9569 3444


333-339 Enmore Rd, Marickville
Ph: (02) 9557 8986
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