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Review - Noble Court

Though this restaurant is part of the Eastern Suburbs Leagues Club in Bondi Junction; with the separate entrance on Bronte Road and the unique yet modern décor, it’s easy to forget the relationship. It’s a huge space, cleverly divided into more intimate rooms by partitions made from bamboo steamers, and decorated with traditional Chinese bird cages. Johnny Lim (who also owns Belmore’s The Dynasty Restaurant) and his team create a welcoming, service-orientated environment.

We went to their grand opening, so it was full of footballers (see Willy Mason above) and local government (see Jeanette K, the gatekeeper to the Mayor of Waverley, above). They had an open bar, and served up copious amounts of Yum Cha (which they're open for daily). The best thing I tried in this part of the evening was the Barbecue Glazed Pork with Honey ($16.80). We were then moved to tables for a complete Chinese dinner - making this one of the most generous opening nights I have ever been to!

It’s a large (and not inexpensive) menu that addresses both Australia’s favourite adopted Chinese dishes as well as authentic Chinese cuisine. We started with a Peking Duck Pancake  which is generally served as Two Course Peking Duck ($58/whole, $30/half). My personal thoughts were that it still didn't match the offerings available at BBQ King but I have yet to meet a duck that does.

Dish of the night was the Wok-fried Diced Steak with Walnuts and Honey in Pepper Sauce ($23.80) which I unfortunately didn't manage to nab before it was dug into (by the women from a rival publication called Food in Focus no less, who shared a table with us). This dish had quite clever walnuts, that they had dried and deep fried first, the they were practically candied in the sauce, providing crunch and sweetness.

Instead of that photo though, above is a photo of the dish I liked second best - a whole, boneless Fried Crispy Peking Style Chicken ($35) that combined the crisp skin one usually associates with duck with a moist centre and an intense (but great) garlic sauce.

My dining companion’s eyes lit up over the size of the prawns in the Steamed Jumbo Prawns with Ginger and Shallots ($23.80), but I wished for a little more flavour (size ain't everything, you know). However the bowl of super hot chilli provided upon request soon shut me up!

We also got Stir Fried Snow Peas, Broccoli and Mushroom ($16.50), with asparagus substituting for the mushrooms. Apparently this was because many people are allergic to mushrooms - something I had not heard before. There was also Special Fried Rice ($14.50) in reasonable abundance. It was quite a launch!

Noble Court Chinese Restaurant
Level 1, 9 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction
Ph: (02) 9386 9180

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