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Review - 2 Sista's

In an area not blessed with many breakfast options 2 Sista’s Cafe in Stanmore is understandably popular on the weekends. Unfortunately on the first time I dined, service ambled through with what seemed like the best of intentions, but without much actual movement toward clearing tables (with people standing at them waiting for the previous occupant's dishes to be removed), or warning that the kitchen was a little overwhelmed (so people knew there'd be a reasonable wait for food). I actually remembered vaguely (after sitting down) that nurse_nihilist had said this venue (quite close to her house) wasn't an optimal cafe experience...

The double shot Affogato ($4.00) made on Café Molinari coffee is good value; and a Banana and Honey Smoothie ($5.70) made with Evia yoghurt didn’t disappoint.

So after a long wait for breakfast, we did get a couple of things that were a bit more interesting than the  usual breakfast fare. I quite liked the Foul Emdumous ($12.50), a zingy salad of red kidney beans, tomato, Spanish onion, mint, lemon and olive oil served with grilled chorizo sausages and toasted Turkish bread.

A plate-sized thick Banana Pancake ($12.00) was made exotic with coconut cream and palm sugar, but it was a bit stodgy overall.

Since I came on a weekend as a paying customer, I thought I would give them a second chance midweek to see if the service improved before adding a review - so back I went...

My meal, the Ham Benedict ($14) was a bit disappointing - in particular the untoasted (and unbuttered) muffin, and the small slice of gypsy style ham. The presentation of their light and pleasant Hollandaise sauce was a little like a ‘money shot’. Service still was warm when you got it, and a bit vague. Apparently they can't all use the till, so I stood looking at a girl who couldn't, as we both waited until someone who could finally emerged. All up, I’d have to say this one’s not quite there yet.

Now about that apostrophe…

2 Sista’s Cafe
14 Northumberland Avenue, Stanmore
Ph: (02) 9568 6711
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