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Review - Spicy Sichuan

With gaudy lights and over the top decor, Spicy Sichuan at the Parramatta end of Glebe Point Road called to me, not least of which because nearly every diner in there was of Asian heritage - a very good sign. If you're up for another take on Chinese cuisine, you should venture here. But don't come expecting the perennial Australian-Chinese favourites like Lemon Chicken or Honey King Prawns.

The food here is Sichuan style, both piquant and complex; and it’s reasonably unfamiliar, so the full-colour photo menu is a godsend... however I wont even pretend to understand all of the dishes contained within.

So if anyone can explain what Tortoise-plastron glue with Honeydew Jelly is, I'd certainly be interested!

We started gently with a lacy doily of Fried Dumplings Sichuan Style ($7.80/ 6 pieces); they were good, but you had to really plan for the hot liquid explosion that occurs as you take your first bite. I loved the way they had made them into one lacy pancake that was so delicate!

We then moved on to some stranger dishes, in the Cold Dish Combination ($29.80/ 5 dishes), where you select which cold dishes you'd like it to include. In the centre you can see Spicy Flavoured Bean Jelly; at the top there is Sliced Pork in Garlic Sauce which I really enjoyed; and proceeding clockwise there is Sichuan Pickled Vegetables; then Spicy Chicken Shreds in Sesame Paste Sauce; and finally the quite lovely jerky-like Deep Fried Beef Shreds with Sesame in Chilli Oil.

The least successful thing we tried was the Fried Potato Shreds and Duck Shreds Pancake ($12.80) - there wasn't anything wrong with it, it just would have made a better bar snack than part of a meal.

Best of all was the Kung Bao Chicken with Red Pepper and Peanuts ($12.80) – just avoid the chillis with the seeds inside them unless you want to gulp Chinese Tea ($1/head) to put out the fire in your mouth!

The wine list boasts low mark-ups and nice matches for the cuisine; I liked the Grant Burge East Argyle Pinot Gris ($29.80) in this respect. Your meal is delivered very quickly, and your dollar goes a long way here - but yeah, the decor is a bit over the top.

Spicy Sichuan
1-9 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Ph: (02) 9660 8200
Sichuan  $-$$

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