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Review - Pizzaiola

The theme of this dining week was Italian, and since it's Friday night, I thought I would put up a pizza review... because pizza and bad television sounds like a good idea tonight!

We visited Pizzaiola which is an Italian-Australian pizza joint in Bondi who have modified their pizzas to suit the Australian palate.

It has been open since November 2007. Owner/chef Zuri Simhi runs the floor with personality, greeting the regulars by name as they enter the bright, modern space.

You can dine in, sitting at tables on small red stools or at a window bar, though most customers enjoy takeaway and home delivery. Frequent buyers are rewarded with a loyalty card that makes every tenth pizza totally free.

Beyond pizzas, which I discuss below, they also make pastas, side salads, pizza wraps, pizza by the slice ($5) and a few chicken dishes - all in all, a large menu. You can see the heated bain mairie where they keep the pizzas sold by the slice in my photo above.

There's a drinks fridge with what I thought was an interesting selection of drinks including our choice - Nippy’s Tangy Lemon Fruit Drink ($3).

Pizzas come in a gourmet range including the unusual (and excellent) Godfather (S $13, M $16, L $19, X $23) with double smoked ham, prosciutto, mushrooms, garlic, parmesan, basil, rocket and a touch of chilli. This was the best pizza we tried this evening, the chili really enhanced it, without being too present.

From the traditional range we tried the Capri (S $10, M $14, L $18, X $22) topped with cheese, tomato, prawn, onion, garlic and chilli.  By the way, all the pizzas you are looking at here, are sized small - and yes, extra-large is a whopper!

They even have dessert pizzas, including the Cioccolato e Fragole (S $9, M $11, L $15, X $18) which sees fresh strawberries and almond flakes scattered over a chocolate topped pizza base.

This a clean, and bright pizza joint that doesn't do anything astounding - but can make a decent pizza. If I lived in the area, I would be likely to use them.

114 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi
Ph: (02) 9300 8844
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