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MUST SEE SHOW - Branch Nebula's Paradise City

Last night we braved the rain (with a little grumbling from me) to go to see Branch Nebula's Paradise City at Carriageworks. We had a quick bite to eat at the Newtown Guzman Y Gomez which was by far the best fast-food Mexican I have tried to date. I ate a chilli so hot, my mouth felt like it blistered!

The show was amazing... in my imagination the premise was imagine a Newtown share-house having their water supply spiked with crack cocaine... see what ensues until the drugs wear off. The cast is a shit-hot collection of disparate artists... a BMX bike rider, a skateboarder, a dancer, a singer, an acrobat and a break-dancer. They don't always play nicely with each other.

They use stuff you'd find in an urban wasteland like road barricades (and skateboard ramps) to play. Sometimes the drugs make them aggressive - throwing barricades to knock the biker off his bike.

It was great to see bmx biking and skateboarding raised to high art - I loved the way they used the dancer to have a strange (but excellent) pas de deux with both of them, widening the dance art form to embrace both biking and skateboarding.

Whilst all performers were strong (Inga Liljestrom as the singer, and Simon O'Brien as the biker in particular), the show was stolen by the sexy Alex Harrison (Legs on the Wall). Her tightly muscled arms, and tree-trunk thighs were hot, but her attitude was even hotter. The scene where she's a dyke-y kleptomaniac stealing the clothes off a still singing Inga Liljestrom had me in stitches... watching her use the fluffy white jacket to slide down the skateboard ramp was piss-funny.

If you are keen to go, you will need to hurry - show ends on the 7th June, 2008. It's playing Mon - Sat 8pm at 8pm, and there is a Sat afternoon show at 5pm. Tickets are $30 adults, $20 concession, and there are four remaining shows. Buy them here: http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/artist/1216703?brand=carriageworks

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