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Review - Tomatillo

There’s been a fair few Mexican street food outfits opening up in recent times, but this was by far my favourite dining experience. It won for me on the little things - serving the food on plates (so it doesn't sweat in wrapping, or stick to the paper, losing half your guacamole) and being a pleasant place to dine in. Mexican street food is eat-immediately food for me, so dining in is important. It doesn't travel well - one thing that pleased me is that they realise this here - if you buy take-away, they ask how far you have to travel, and package accordingly (whilst gently suggesting, it may be nicer to eat in).

When it comes to dining in, the shop front on the main drag of Kings Cross hides a great sandstone dining room, where you can sit at a rustic wooden tables. Warm host Bill Komoroski will make you feel right at home, and his counter staff will serve you with a smile until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays (it closes earlier on the other nights of the week). Imagine - fresh food in Kings Cross in the wee hours - how utterly wonderful!

The first thing you need is of course a frozen Lime Margarita ($8.50) - they are bargain priced (though not intensely strong), and very nice to boot! There's also a range of Mexican Beers ($7.00), or if you prefer, domestic beers ($5.00) and wine ($7.00).

We started by sampling some of their house-made corn chips with guacamole, salsa and hot chilli sauce. I was impressed to find they make lots of their own sauces.

Then they made us a platter that had the two dishes I liked the best on it - their house-made Chipotle Glazed Ribs ($16/half, $24/full) normally served with beans, rice and salad; and the great Chorizo Quesadilla ($10), made even better by the addition of their house-made ‘Must Have Mango’ hot sauce. Eventually they will be selling their sauces - I would buy them without hesitation, especially their Chipotle.

The second platter they made for us was of three different Tacos ($9.50/3 pieces) - we had soft tacos. My favourite was the Carnitas - shredded, spiced braised pork. In the back right hand corner is a vegetarian offering with beans, beans, corna and guacamole. They can make it vegan by taking off cheese and sour cream.

Their Burritos ($9.90) provide a complete meal for under ten bucks – large flour tortillas filled with rice, beans, meat or vegetables, cheese, sour cream, lettuce and salsa. As I mentioned before, vegetarians (and vegans) will find dining options here – in fact they’re happy to make Mexican any way you like it (even if that means without any chilli heat). For those who want to feel the burn there are five different salsas ranging from a mild Pico de Gallo to a wild Habenero Chilli; and tasty roasted Jalapenos ($2).

I enjoyed myself at this review - the host is very amiable, and the space is fun to chill in with a second (and third) margarita. I could definitely see myself returning, next time I feel like a good, cheap feed of fresh, tasty food - oh and a margarita or three!


40b Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross
Ph: (02) 9326 0900

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