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Review - Envy Café & Gallery

It’s pram city at Envy Café & Gallery in Summer Hill, and as you sit in the leafy green courtyard your mind may turn to contemplating what the world will be like in a decade or so when the current baby bubble bursts.

The image of a massive generation of disenfranchised youth taking over the world is broken by the speedy arrival of our Karmee Coffee - in my case a Mocha ($3.80).

The coffee is well made and perfectly hot; it also impresses in a tall Iced Coffee ($4.90).

Even with a full weekend brunch crowd, the food is equally fast. A large plate of French Toast ($14) with bacon, banana and maple syrup should satisfy those with a sweet tooth.

While the massive Breakfast Burrito ($16.50), stuffed with bacon, scrambled eggs, a lovely relish and fresh greens then topped with guacamole, will challenge even the starving!

On a subsequent visit, the food and coffee remained consistent; and arriving after midday opened up lunch options like an excellent Chicken Quesadilla ($15.00) on delicious flat-bread, served with a caramelised onion and paprika chutney, cucumber salsa, Spanish onion and tomato.

There's also options like this B.L.T. ($9.90) - it's on toasted Turkish bread, and includes a house-made mayonnaise.

The art is curiously 'other' - it's all Vietnamese, explaining this sense of difference. It's all for sale too.

What pleased me most about Envy Café & Gallery is that it is an all-day breakfast menu with decent coffee, so it’s perfect for late weekend sleepers (like us). I'd definitely call this an all round, solid café experience.

Envy Café & Gallery
109 Smith Street, Summer Hill
Ph: (02) 9797 1668

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