MissDissent (missdissent) wrote,

Eating at Home

On Monday night my husband (what a strange word that is still) made me this meal. It's Game Farm (rebranded Pepe's) duck two ways. In the bottom left, it's with a blood orange jus made from fresh blood oranges, blood orange juice and duck stock (from poaching these very duck fillets). At the top right it's duck in a strawberry, blueberry and pinot sauce. The duck itself has all been poached, then dried in the fridge, then one half was pan fried then roasted, the other half was simply roasted. The pan fried method won as plain, and in both sauces.

The bottom right are a few bits of each style of duck plain with THE BEST ROAST POTATOES IN THE WORLD. They're just ordinary dirty brown potatoes, but cooked in the Heston Blumenthal (Fat Duck) method. They were roasted in the fat of the duck as well - it's a very ducky meal.

At the top left is a salad of pear, roasted baby eggplant, roasted baby capsicum, roasted Spanish onion, roasted garlic, oven-roasted Roma tomatoes, Danish fetta and mint. What a wonderful meal. I ate the remaining half of it for breakfast this morning... and it reminded me that I am still alive. Duck for breakfast is hardcore.

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