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The Famous Spiegeltent

Last night we ventured down to the forecourt of The Sydney Opera House to see some shows at The Famous Spiegeltent. It was as beautiful as I remembered from seeing Le Clique last year.

We took in a double header - first the extremely talented Kate Miller-Heidke, who basically blew my mind, particularly with the best cover I have ever heard. She did John Farnham's You're The Voice, and it was absolutely sublime.

Perhaps the most amazing part was the combination of Kate's delicate ephemeral voice with the ballsy country twang of Nicole Brophy (the brunette in the background) - together they make one heck of a singer!

I loved her set so much I was compelled to purchase both her old album, and the new one, due to be released next week! She signed them too! Shame is, the amazing cover will never be recorded... it's just a treat for those who attend her live gigs!

We stayed on for the second show, a second showing of The Burlesque Hour. As usual, my eyes were mostly looking out for the talented and seductive Azaria Universe. She looked amazing in this number, in a beautiful nearly-nude costume.

Here she is balanced on a ball at the end of a catwalk that protrudes into the audience.

All up, a great night. Makes me look forward to seeing some of the other shows we're booked to attend. Definitely worth a look if there's anything in the season you wouldn't mind seeing. Check out what's available HERE.

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