June 20th, 2006

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Banana Palm

Tonight we had dinner with Captain Spanky and his lovely wife near their new abode in Coogee. Captain Spanky asked for gastronomic suggestions, and not being a regular Coogee diner, I turned to my favourite peer reviewed website Eatability. After a bit of a browse, I gave him a short list of three, the top being the one I liked the most, Banana Palm.

Well it turns out that Banana Palm was literally 4 doors from their new house, and they had been walking past with view to eating there for a few weeks, so it was fate that my survey and their location met up.

Decor was lovely, muted shades, big sepia toned photographic art, dark wood, nicely lit, comfortable seating, and not too loud. As we walked in, the waiter who seated us was a Hellfire patron, who crashed Craig's wedding with a bunch of Thai drag queens, as Craig recalled over dinner. Synchronicity is the word du Jour.

Food was also lovely - and reasonably good in value too. It was a french-vietnamese mix, and we decided upon a banquet which was $40 per head. It gave 3 different entrees - a rice paper roll, a scallop in the shell and salt'n'pepper squid to share. Then there were three mains - barramundi, a duck breast salad and a beef dish. It also included a green vegetable side and rice.

And after both courses, I was already feeling happy, so I was surprised to see you also got dessert, which they cleverly served two types, one to the boys, and one to the wife and I. We got creme brulees, with green tea ice-cream. The boys got poached pears, with a scoop of amazing pear sorbet, and a slice of lime pie. It was hard to know who got the better deal, they were both superb.

I took along a wine from my last catalogue buy - a French 2004 Gamay from the Loire Valley which I really liked. It was a chilled red, low on tannins, with big fruit, and no nasty edges. As Captain Spanky said - "it was all in the front end".

All in all, a lovely night with interesting and entertaining company, great food, nice wine. Not bad for a Monday!

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