September 28th, 2006

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Petrol Station Boycott

I hate the idiots who run the LEWISHAM SPEEDWAY  petrol station on New Canterbury Road.

Yesterday I rang them, as they are an agent for this company: SYDNEY UTE HIRE
They told me I needed to come in and pay a deposit.

At 6pm I drove there, they took my license, I filled out a form. Then he seemed to imply that was all. So I asked, verbally: "Don't I have to leave a deposit?"
He replied: "No, you just fix it up tomorrow."

Annoyed I had driven there to give them details you could have gotten on the phone, I said: "Then why did I have to drive all the way here to give you details you could have gotton on the phone?"

He shrugs.

Today I get a call from SYDNEY UTE HIRE who tell me that my ute has been double booked because I did not leave a deposit. You know, the deposit I offered but they did not accept.

As you can imagine I lose the plot - I ring back dickwad at the LEWISHAM SPEEDWAY  petrol station on New Canterbury Road and apparently the super bright sales assistant was his son. Who denied I offered a deposit, saying the station was busy which is why he failed to follow procedure. I tell him to check his fucking security tapes, as at the time I was there, there was one man at the pumps, one idiot who was 'pricing chocolates' and me. Sounds like a rush.

Needless to say, I need at ute at 4pm. I do not have one. No I don't. I have been offered a 'credit' which is just like a ute, only there is no ute involved. I have been offered a van which is 30cm too short to fit the suspension equipment in. I am not a happy girl.

So I propose a total petrol and product purchase ban of the LEWISHAM SPEEDWAY  petrol station on New Canterbury Road. They are dickwads. The guy at SYDNEY UTE HIRE is nice. He has tried hard to find me another ute. But this seems unlikely to happen.

I wanna kick someone, scream or cry. Not sure which... wonder if I am premenstrual?