October 5th, 2006

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Hickson Road Bistro Delights

We ate here last night - the Hickson Road Bistro - and it was good, so here is my Eatability review, just posted:

We stumbled upon this place on the way to the theatre, and decided to dine despite the empty dining room, and despite knowing nothing of the restaurant, because of their 'can-do' attitude on quick pre-theatre food.

The waiter was helpful, and entertaining, and well versed in the menu, including cooking times of various dishes and individual cheeses on the cheese board.

The ambience was nice, we dined outside taking in the warm evening air, and enjoying the lighting which almost appeared like daylight, just with soft edges.

The standout gastronomical mouth explosion came from a sesame coated seared piece of tuna, served with a bright green super fresh olive oil with eggplant and mustard sauce, tomato jelly, and fresh coriander. Not only did it delight on the plate, it blew me away, and gave me a flavour combination that I have never experienced before. And why not, I ask, because it was poetry in the mouth?

We also enjoyed a risotto, which was made on carnaroli rice, something I have been reading about in Gourmet Traveller, but had not yet seen on a menu. I liked it much better than arborio, as it had the 'glue' but also retained a sense of the grains. The mushrooms and artichokes added a big zesty flavour, and the parmesan was clearly freshly grated. All in all a great dish.

We capped the meal off with a lovely cheese board, which impressed me by having a French blue, an Italian washed rind AND two Australian cheeses (an impressive Tasmanian cheddar, and an Edith Ash Goat's Cheese). It was served with a walnut and raisin bread, lavosh, sliced green apple and dried muscatels. All the cheeses were in decent serves, and were at the optimum ripeness.

Our martinis were dry, and smooth, and the bill was a pleasant surprise. And I will be returning for the food - theatre optional. Well done.
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