October 31st, 2006

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Xmas Cheer came early this year!

You know, of all my scathingly brilliant ideas, tonight may have been a peak. I noticed a banner ad for a Xmas tasting at The Barn in Rozelle as I ogled the good foody goodness of Good Living for the last two weeks. So I RSVP'd and dragged along my SO for a look.

Let me just say... food coma!

We drank vodka cocktails, sherry cocktails, egg nog, sangria, pinot gris and my favourite sparking Pinot Noir - Bird in Hand.

We ate six types of pig, three types of oil, some roast pork, four different stuffings, four types of turkey, peppered kumquats, two types of xmas cake, four types of xmas pudding, and a very special CARAMELISED ONION HUMMOUS. I will be purchasing it very soon!

We met the lovely Melinda Dimitriatis (brother Alex from Head On fame) and she will be the person we purchase our Bangalow Sweet Ham from... via her store Nicholas Foods. After tasting all of the pig on offer, some twice (just to be sure) we made a very balanced decision!

So dinner has been abandoned, and my mood is buoyant on pig and egg nog!
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