November 28th, 2006

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Gourmet Traveller Wine Luxury Event

Well as I sit here watching the Top Chef finale (go Harold!), I am somewhat tipsy. The free tickets I won to the Gourmet Traveller Luxury Event were great. We got smashed in an hour on Moet, Pol Roger, Canadian Ice Wine, Spanish Table wine (Torres), Spanish Champagne, Katnook wines, and a few I've already forgotten.

In the snack department there were lamb cutlets with figs and limes, oysters with discs of chorizo, tiny green olives, pastry cups, spoons of risotto and a few forgotten ones I'm sure.

And it was all for free!

Plus we actually got to try the REAL JAMON IBERICO de BERLLOTA and oh my god... it's a new obsession. (Look for "Pietro" on the authentic stuff.) Okay, a $130 per kilo obsession, but it is divine. I need to go to Captain Torres Delicatessen in Liverpool Street. I tried to do so immediately, but it was not open. Bastards.

We looked at the luxury shopping and silent auction items (Land Rovers, Bang and Olefsen, Reidel glasses, sunglasses and Sydney Symphony after parties) but we were there as cheap skate pretenders, so we ran away once we were drunk and full.

A very worthwhile freebie, all in all!
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