December 20th, 2006

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - The Viet

The Viet, King Street Newtown.

We visited this restaurant as part of a large group. As such we were seated at a long table in a rear room, which was a bit lacking in the old ambience department - white walls, tiled floor - all in all, a rather simple atmosphere. Our group decided upon the banquet, which for $25 per head, was very good value, as there was a lot of food. The food itself however was not by any stretch of the imagination the best (or even great) Vietnamese that I have had in Sydney.

We started with prawn rolls, which were bland, but served with quite a nice peanut sauce. If some chilli had been thrown in, I probably would have liked them. We moved on to traditional Vietnamese pancake, which was not too bad. I did like the strong coconut flavour that came through as I ate it. Served almost simultaneously was some salt and pepper squid, and this was fine, with lots of crispy fried shallots, and a nice light batter.

The mains included a pepper steak dish, which I didn't mind; a mixed seafood dish which was bland, and reminded me of a Chinese Chow Mein (though the squid in it was texturally good); and a chicken dish which I personally disliked, as it was almost battered, and overdone with ginger. The banquet also included a dessert of red beans in coconut milk (which was not to my taste), and tea.

Service was present, did what was required, but did not go the extra mile. Personally, I would not return to this restaurant, considering how many other Vietnamese restaurants are in the local area. Though I will say for the record, that parts of it not being very exciting to me probably came from the fact that banquets use the blander (more palatable to everyone) dishes, and generally this is not (bar the Vietnamese pancake) what we would have chosen to eat had we ordered for ourselves.

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