March 12th, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Stuffed Eggplants

Every time we wander up to our local Farmer's Market, I am drawn to the stuffed eggplants, but they're expensive, and the one time I did buy one, they weren't all that tasty.

So this time, I used the urge to inspire me to make my own! What you can see above was our dinner, all items (including the amazing fresh-picked-this-morning snake beans) lovingly prepared by my significant other, except the stuffed eggplant, which I made myself.

And if I do say so myself, they rocked! The next day, instead of buying lunch, I had another one, and I felt very satisfied! I was happy that I had sourced the produce from the market, and prepared the dish myself, rather than purchasing a pre-done one... even if it was pre-done at the Farmer's Market.
Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Progress Report

Today was Chicken Day... well, at least it was for Mel.

I took out about $100 worth of Lenard's chicken products for her new freezer, so she and the boys will be eating lots of chicken burgers, chicken patties, chicken kievs, chicken cordon bleus, chicken schnitzels, chicken breasts, chicken kebabs and chicken wings. (Lenard's have some great value multi-packs of chicken that needs little preparation. This pack (plus a few extras I purchased separately) is supposed to be 7 meals for 4 adults, which I think means at least 21 meals for Mel and the kids. I also took out loads of sandwich bags, and we spent half an hour bagging and labelling it all into appropriate portions.)

I also bought about $60 worth of frozen goods like frozen baby peas, corn kernels, roast potatoes, roast pumpkin, corn fritters, bubble and squeak, french fries, beef lasagne, battered tempura fish, fish fingers, raspberries and a giant tub of Peter's Neopolitan Ice Cream (because I didn't know what flavour they liked). Oh and some fresh bread rolls for chicken burgers tonight.

Here she is with the half filled freezer. Next week she will have Beef Day! She again passes on her thanks to those who have contributed, and asks that nobody says anything to her ex at Hellfire, as she doesn't want him to have any reason to withhold the child support for any longer than he already has.

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Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Weekend Fun

On Saturday we wandered up to the Farmer's Market for breakfast, and did some shopping picking up some lovely beef empanadas. When we got back, the cats were in this curious position:

I can only assume that Bella was sitting in Jaspurr's favourite spot, and he wanted to sit there, and she wouldn't move.

At around 4.45pm we set sail for a wedding on The Blue Room (that floating 2 story glass box you see ambling 'round the harbour). Here are Craig and Sheree (a co-worker of his) with Craig looking particularly spiffy in a new Sex Pistols shirt I won him on EBAY:

The bridesmaids and the Bride wore green (the groom and groomsmen were in black suits with purple shirts):

The cake looked beautiful:

On sunday we ventured out to Bairro Portugues Food and Wine Fair in Petersham for some fabulous food.

I was most taken with a Picanha Roll - Picanha being the top cap of a beef rump. The beef pieces were rotisseried covered in rock salt over mineralised charcoal, sliced and then fried on the barbeque, before being put on a roll with a garlic sauce, lettuce and tomato. It was superb, and this cut of meat can be procured from the Spanish Portuguese Butcher, 83 New Canterbury Road, Petersham Ph 95693573... we will be doing this soon!

We also sampled some Bifana (Pork Roll), Prawn Rissole, Cheese Bread, Dulce de Leche Biscuits and Churros con dulce de leche (Caramel Spanish Donuts)... with Craig getting a take-home pack of some particularly exciting sausage product to boot.