April 4th, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

McLaren Vale: All Cheesed Out!

After the Primo Estate experience, we were almost loath to continue the trail - our taste buds well satisfied. But we did (such troopers), but do take my lack of sterling experiences (and purchases) from the remaining places with a grain of salt - I may have loved them if I had been to them before Primo Estate.

Our next stop was Wirra Wirra Vineyards (who make a lovely Wirra Wirra Hand Picked Riesling 2006) where we enjoyed a lovely piece of Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar with our tasting. The winery was filled with all sorts of interesting art, from the 'dragon' my partner is touching in the photo below, to paintings and more. This practice seemed widespread throughout Adelaide too, and made for a very beautiful city.

We also visited Coriole for an Edith Goat Cheese matched with a Sangiovese. We consumed it in front of a woodfire under a canopy of vines in a very picturesque garden courtyard.

Our last winery stop was at Woodstock Winery & Coterie which had a lovely bush setting. We enjoyed their Rose most of all, and they had a fabulous idea - a frozen Rose slurpy (going so far as having a machine to dispense them). They did say though, that they added nothing with the machine, so you can reproduce this yourself at home. Just remember to take a glass worth of wine out of the bottle BEFORE putting it in your freezer, and then shake it up every time you walk past the freezer (so you get a granita like consistency, rather than a solid block you wont be able to pour).

Just when we were starting to feel a little cheesed out and heading back to drop off the hamper at Blessed Cheese, we passed the Aldinga Turkey Kitchen who also do samples! Unfortunately the family business has been bought out by Ingham, but it was nice to hear that the turkeys are still actually run by one of the family's sons. Their products included Turkey Liver Parfait, Smoked Turkey Breast, Roast Turkey Breast, and a whole manner of other things.

My final shot is from the coast near McLaren Vale, and depicts Maslin's Beach (Australia's first ever designated nude beach). The red and brown cliffs were beautiful, but the whipping cold wind had driven away any potential nude bathers! We drove up the coast, through places like Glenelg (a palindrome to boot) back in a lovely round 28 mile trip to Adelaide.

Wirra Wirra Vineyards
McMurtrie Road, McLaren Vale  SA  5171
Ph: (08) 8323 8414
Fax: (08) 8323 8596
Email: info@wirra.com.au
Cellar Door: Daily

Chaffeys Road, McLaren Vale  SA  5171
Ph: (08) 8323 8305
Fax: (08) 8323 9136
Email: contact@coriole.com
Cellar Door: Daily

Woodstock Winery & Coterie
Douglas Gully Road, McLaren Flat  SA  5171
Ph: (08) 8383 0156
Fax: (08) 8383 0437
Email: woodstock@woodstockwine.com.au
Cellar Door: Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm, Weekends & public holidays from 12pm - 5pm

Aldinga Turkey Kitchen
Cnr Foggo & Kangarilla Roads, McLaren Vale SA 5171
Ph: (08) 8323 8077
Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Advance Notice Department - Sydney Cheese Show

Last year, my significant other and I had a ball at the Sydney Specialist Cheese Show. You basically pay $35 to have 5 glasses of wine, and as much cheese as you could possibly eat, all in the Four Seasons hotel. You get to vote on your favourites, and there is usually entertainment as well. You progress around the room, stall by stall, sampling what interests you. There are too many to try them all. All cheeses are Australian, and last year I fell in love with cheeses from Milawa and the Alexandrina Cheese Company.

If anyone would like to go, here are the details for this year's show. We'll be going!

Sydney Cheese Show 2007

Open Day
Sunday 27th May, 2007
11am - 4pm
Trade 10.30am

Four Seasons Hotel
199 George Street
Sydney, NSW.

Come and meet the cheesemakers for a delicious taste of Australian Specialist Cheeses. Try over 150 cheeses on one day - bovine, caprine, ovine and bubaline (yes, that's right, bubaline!).

Join a master class on Cheese and Wine Matching, or Cheese and Beer Matching, from our two major sponsors: Mt Langi Ghiran, makers of very fine wines in the Grampians, and Grand Ridge Brewery, the most awarded brewery in the world.

A great day out for the Epicurious!

Show Ticket $35.00
Includes unlimited cheese tastings and 5 wine and/or beer tastings
Limited tickets available at the door.

For bookings contact Penny Lawson +61 3 9381 1777 or australiancheese@ihug.com.au.

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

John Howard Begins Dirty Tricks Election Campaign...

Hit prediction #1: John Howard instructs ASIO to fake a terrorist attack on Australia Soil.

Okay, so that's just in my own head... but you should SIGN THIS PETITION against new legislation that will close the rolls for new voters at 8pm on the very night the election is officially called. Take into account YOUNG people, and the TRANSIENT (ie renters) are the ones USUALLY affected by this sort of early closure of electoral roles, as changing your electoral address is rarely your first thought upon moving. That is, it doesn't effect Howard's conservative heartland who own their own Vaucluse mansion. Yep, that's right, they're trying to get rid of the votes from the very people who will VOTE THE FUCKERS OUT.

Beyond that, get your electoral details updated now. Here is a handy link to check where you are currently enrolled: https://oevf.aec.gov.au/

Then let's all band together and VOTE the warmongering HOWARD OUT!