April 16th, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Monday Nights

On a Monday Night, we've started making a habit of assembling our dinner from the cupboard and fridge, and having a more grazing sort of dinner. It started off because my partner never usually feels like cooking after the first big day of the week, but then it became creatively fun. It also works a treat when you're broke (which we are this week after last night's extravagant dinner at Three Clicks West).

Imagine my surprise though, when I delved in the cupboard and fridge and found all of these exciting things:

There's cured salmon, broad beans in tomato sauce, Moroccan cous cous, crackers, smoked almonds, roast chicken with stuffing, fetta cheese, West Australian Yabby tails (a present when my partner went to Perth to see a show), Skordalia and crackers.

Not bad for platter prepared out of left-overs, and odds and ends!
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