April 28th, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Sid Howard's 85th Birthday

Through his work, my partner gets these wonderful reports of impending fireworks in the Opera House precinct. So last night we trotted out to take a look at a 20 minute display; a display which, (as we found out at the last minute), was put on to celebrate Sid Howard's 85th Anniversary. Knowing it was a display FOR Sydney's main fireworks company meant we KNEW it would be worthwhile. We were not disappointed!

Not only did we get fireworks, we also got to attend a leaving function for a long serving staff member, which meant - you guessed it - canapes by Opera Point Events! Alongside some lovely caramelised onion parcels and French Brie, we got some sweet treats (unusual in the world of canape dining, I tell you). The passionfruit trifles in shot glasses were lovely with layers of cake, cream and jelly; but I preferred the cinnamon donuts which you dipped into chocolate sauce - all served by staff in black and whites!

So it was with champagne, (Leftbank, and quite drinkable by Opera House standards), in hand that we adjourned to the terrace to watch the sky light up, and evesdrop on the soundtrack (sadly a tad predictable) from the Sid Howard function. It was just like being there!
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Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Gloucester NSW & the 'Cattleman's Cutlet'

After a visit with my significant other's parents, we decided to make use of our esky (which we had taken there full of seafood from the Fish Markets) and load up on some good ol' country meat. We drove from Tinonee near Taree (where his parents live) down to Gloucester, and the hoards of Black Angus we saw along the way started to get me very excited!

In Gloucester we stopped at Darryl's Gourmet Butchery and when I enquired as to which beef was Black Angus and locally produced - well it all was! My partner was drawn to a cut he hadn't seen before - called a Cattleman's Cutlet. Basically it is a scotch fillet left on the bone.

As you can see with the 'hand as comparison' photo, these were huge hunks of meat, and a real bargain at less than $20/kilo. The result (barbecued) were tasty, buttery steaks on the bone. They were actually too large for us to eat in one sitting, so half remains in the fridge for a roll later on.

With the quality of meat, and the bargain prices, I think we'll make this a regular stop on the way home from his parents. The road was far more scenic too - rolling hills, winding curves, and no radars to speak of!

Darrel's Gourmet Butchery
39 Church St Gloucester NSW 2422
Ph: (02) 6558 1009