May 2nd, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Mark Watson

Last night we ventured out to see Mark Watson's show: "I’m worried that I’m starting to hate almost everyone in the world" at The Studio. He's a Welsh comedian, and seemed quite mad. It was largely improvisation, with loose themes. I found some of it quite funny, and felt that he really played to an Australian audience quite well.

He had a great section about being upsold on mobile phone features (like downloading music video clips to your mobile, and being made to feel like a fool by the sales rep. because you DON'T watch television on your mobile phone). He asked why would I want to watch television on my mobile phone - I have a television set? When you have a specific device for something, why do you need your mobile phone to do it? It'd be like taking a shit in your tumble-dryer! I resolve to use that the next time Vodafone tries to sell me on a phone that is 47 things in one.

He also was very down on London (where he lives) and Australians wanting to go to London, convinced that it is where it all happens. He thought we were quite mad, and I am inclined to agree. London sucks, Sydney rocks.

I was a bit disappointed that he didn't get more enthused about the theme of his show - hating everyone in the world. Perhaps I am more developed at this than he is (after all, I am not worried about thinking most everyone is awful).

Besides that though, it was a fun hour of comedy, and if you want to go see him, he's on until the 13th May. Click here for tickets:
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Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Pinto Thai

We were feeling lazy tonight, so we decided to get home delivery food and funnily enough we happened to get a new menu from Pinto Thai which had some gems on it. So letting fate play her hand, we chose three dishes from their rather exciting menu, which was full of funny and mysterious phrasing like 'reach for the star curry sauce', 'fantastic sauce' and 'jungle on wok in spicy sauce'.

The first dish we tried was called a Pinto Pancake (Thai Style) ($18.50). The pancake was crisp and tasty, with hoards of pan-fried mussels, a mound of fresh, green garlic shoots, bean sprouts, a 'special dip' which tasted like a variety of sweet chilli with perhaps tamarind or maybe some fish sauce, definitely made from scratch. It was an absolute winner of a dish - if this is how it travels, I wait eagerly to taste it in the restaurant.

Though we were loath to move on, we tried the second dish - Devil Stir Fried Big Prawn (under 8 size) in shell ($21.50). Now we hazard that under 8 size means that the prawns are about 8 to a kilo (or 125 grams each)... but we could be wrong. The sauce involve a terrific use of black peppercorns, with tiny mushrooms (bursting with flavour), onion and capsicum. The 4 big prawns were tasty, and cooked in such a way that their shells melted (in the mouth if you so chose). Their flesh was well-cooked, and barbequing in the shell really brought out the flavour. It was a definite success!

The final dish we tried, and again we were loath to abandon the earlier 'big prawns', was Aromatic Soft Shell Crab with Lychee Salad ($22.50). The salad involved large whole lychees, mint, mixed leaves, sliced chilli, spring onion, hunks of spanish onion, lemongrass capsicum and a light aromatic dressing. The scattered pieces of deep fried soft shell crab were reminiscent of salt-and-pepper style, and all together this was a superb dish.

We were astounded with the quality and value for money on this take-away, and it has inspired us to dine in next time! 

Pinto Thai
315 Darling St, Balmain NSW 2041
Ph: (02) 9555 6745

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