July 3rd, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

When Fantasy Becomes Reality...

Hitting the ground running after a brief sojourn in beautiful Samoa, I am excited to announce I was published in my new job as a Dining Reviewer while I was away. (Please be checking out The City Hub Vol 12, Issue 7 if you are interested in such things.)

Yeah I know, I know, I hadn't really mentioned the new job... I guess I didn't really believe it  want to jinx it until I myself saw it all in print. I guess the yummy dinners, food writing course and food porn Gourmet Traveller subscription are now tax deductions - yay!

As I write this, my week is filling with dining bookings so quickly my head is starting to spin. I am not even sure how I go about being this Dining Reviewer person yet - it was such a fantasy job - until it happened.


Mental note to self - please learn how to act like a Dining Reviewer before tomorrow night.

*toddles off to watch Anthony Bourdain and finish reading Insatiable*
(Please note - these activities are no longer procrastination, they are work!)

Today's entry is qualified by a quote from my new publisher, Lawrence Gibbons:
"Be careful what you wish for..."