July 4th, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Swimming in Caves

Okay, so swimming in caves doesn't sound quite as glamorous as swimming in waterfalls, but experientially it was awesome, and on the beauty stakes it was pretty damn gorgeous too.

The first picture is of a cave under a monastery (insert evil laugh) - I wonder where it goes (down, down, down, down into the blackness). It is called the Piula Cave Pool and the cave went farther back (and round a corner) than I dared to go, even feeling quite comfortable with a closeness to Satan.

Now with the next photo, you have to get past the name - The Sua Ocean Trench - and just ogle the beauty, whilst trying to ignore the long, long ladder of doom you need to climb down (and up) to get into and out of the water (which was tidal, and came complete with fishes).

When you swim into the dark hole at one end, you come out at another green hole, deep in the ground, with no easy way out, except of course, swimming back to the ladder of doom!

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Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Breakfast in Samoa

Like most of the Pacific islands I have visited, Samoa is a fecund, fertile land, overflowing with a bounty of fruit, vegetables, animals and children. (In fact 40% of their population is under 14.)

In the fruit stakes, it was the land of coconuts, papaya (both Hawaiian and Samoan varieties), five types of lime including one with amazing skin, (above) and awesome bananas (a small finger sized variety with lots of flavour).

So breakfast was good, across all three resorts we stayed in, and here is a selection of my favourite breakfasts.

If I had to pick a winner, it would be the Coconut Crepes (middle centre), because of the sauce... I can only hazard a guess as to the secret ingredients - I think there's cream cheese in there somewhere amongst the coconuts.

The Banana Fritters with Rum Sauce (middle right) were a close second for me; though Craig seemed most fond of the Hawaiian Paniolo Cowboy Breakfast (bottom right).

The Banana Muffins with Papaya Jam (bottom centre) deserve a mention - the jam was amazing.