July 14th, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Hennessy's on Harris CLOSED

Now this restaurant is undergoing a change with a new owner/chef, so (as can be expected during change) there may possibly be the odd hiccup. So be forgiving if you go, because I think it will eventually metamorphose into a great Mediterranean fusion place (which will be called Luxor on Harris). They have a lovely courtyard out the back which I gather is popular in warmer weather. The photo above is of 'an additional dish the chef would like you to try' - otherwise known as a Mezze Plate ($16.50). As you can see from the er... odd shapes... he makes his kofta and felafel himself. The chorizo was great - a special variety made for the restaurant.

The new owner/chef is Egyptian, and the dishes he excels on are the Egyptian ones. I liked the Nanata ($14.50) which were crisp whitebait, pumpkin and poppy seed fritters, served with an absolutely fabulous tomato chutney.

Finally, for a little sport, the Mexican Flaming Fajitas ($22.50) were served by a blow-torch armed waiter, who doused them in alcohol and flamed them on the table. As you can see by the serve, it could have fed four people... in fact we swam in food at this place - all great value for where it was (Pyrmont) too.

Vegetarians are reasonably well catered for with 2-3 entrees and 2-3 mains. Menu is all-over the shop at the moment, as they start to make the changes, but as I mentioned, try the Egyptian end - the Eggplant and Beef Moussaka ($11.50) was creamy, and tasty, showing the chef knows his eggplant. Check them out before they raise the prices!

Hennessy's on Harris (soon to be Luxor on Harris)
46 Harris St
, Pyrmont
(02) 9660 0332

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