July 26th, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Blancmange

This restaurant stood out to me - it was both comfortable and elegant. They won me in the first minute by a freshly popped glass of Gosset French Champagne ($19/glass) - it's my new favourite champagne. I liked the range of dishes that the Modern European menu gave - the Organic Chicken and Pork Terrine ($15) stood out (the pickled enoki and chestnut mushrooms were amazing), as did the heavenly French truffled gnocchi ($25). It felt particularly decadent sticking whole slices of truffle in my mouth.

The Pork Belly ($25) was very well executed - twice cooked, beautifully crackly on top, and interestingly served with pickled quince. I was also quite taken with the Twice-Cooked Souffle ($15) - texturally it was amazing, and quite filling. The cheesy sauce (Gruyere) satisfied my calcium craving for the evening.

The Vanilla Creme Brulee ($12) was well executed - very vanilla, and a great cracking time to be had with the most surface area ever on a brulee. My dining companion was so happy with his Crepe Suzette ($12) that he ate it all before remembering to use the jug of pouring cream!

The bread was house-made, and lovely. I still think Infinity corners the market on sour sourdough, but Blancmange gets the moisture level perfect. If only they'd serve it with Lescure (French Sea-Salt Butter) rather than the unsalted (screw cholesterol I like taste) butter that  they currently use.

And finally - I now like Brussel Sprouts ($9) - served as they were with roast chestnuts, as a side. They were vividly green, and had none of the old cabbage flavour I remember from my childhood.

It felt like a great way to tart up a mid-week night, and the meal deal of 3 course for $48 makes it good value. The space is elegant, yet relaxed. The service is wonderful.

1 Station Street, Petersham
(02) 9568-4644

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