August 25th, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review: Live Green

Today we toddled off to Newtown to pop in to the fetish stores and put up our new poster. There was a man blowing giant bubbles, with a bubble rope!

We stopped in at Live Green, basically for the food stalls...

The best food related offering came from this stall - Thai Pie - who made real asian curries into really nice pies. We tried three of the best 'party pies' ($2.50 each) I have had. The winning flavour being the Chilli Lamb.

The pastry on the pies was nice, and they also made their curries quite dry, so it actually didn't become a sloppy mess. Best party food around!

We also had a Bratwurst and Creole Sauce on a roll ($5), from this lil' stall which was lovely:

They even did tasting samples (one of my favourite things) of their hot salami and their chorizo (both good):

And finally, we had Spanner Crab Pancakes (3 for $5) from Christies, and here is the spanner crab. Note the helpful man holding it's claw to demonstrate how apt the name is:

This swarm of stilted bees reminded me of PB.