September 5th, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Musings on APEC

- Last night watching the arrival of THE WORLD'S NUMBER ONE TERRORIST - GEORGE BUSH I was struck with the stupidity of our Prime Monster John Howard once again. Apparently he thinks that footballers are the only people stupid enough not to recognise his desperate, sneaky ploy of going to the Dally M football awards ceremony to win votes instead of tonguing Bush on the tarmac. They (the footballers) didn't look all that impressed with the sniveling brown nosing Prime Monster - frankly he was probably just bumming out the vibe, and making them wait on consuming too much alcohol and illicit substances.

- I keep seeing illustrations of Foucauldian power (something I studied way back when...) during this farcical exercise in punishing the Australian people (APEC). Every exercise of power creates the seeds of its own undoing. With all the bacon guarding the terrorists in the city, the roads are anarchy. The average speed between the Iron Cove Bridge and the Gladesville Bridge this morning was 80kmph.

- This not telling journalists any information thing is making all the coverage of stuff like the Bush arrival rather stupid - they didn't even know the names of the Australian dignitaries whom Bush was shaking hands with... including the first dude in the funny army costume who got the first poison Bush handshake on Australian soil. The SKY coverage was a complete joke - "this may be Airforce-1 or it may be the replica." Yay that's useful information, thanks.

- Loving the amount of protest - every day a new group taking the forefront. This morning, there are anti-whalers rallying at Bondi Beach to petition the Prime Monster to appeal to the Japanese leader to stop killing whales.

- Hating the desperate attempts to make people too scared to protest... and the police saying that despite the results of a court hearing on the protest route for Saturday, they'll stop it anyway. Gee anarchy by the police, and they wonder why the people doubt their authority? Not really believing the protesters = dangerous garbage the media is hyping... hoping others are seeing it for what it is - a red herring.

- All this anarchy in general though is making me feel better about the world - the Australian people are not completely devoid of politics, and when the shit hits the fan, I have some hope that we may rise up and say "enough".

- Pleased that several leaders (including the Bush on Friday) are meeting with our PREFERRED PRIME MINISTER KEVIN RUDD. Rudd was excluded (as in uninvited by the desperate, old, and sneaky Howard) from APEC, but dudes like the Chinese leader are choosing to meet with him anyway. Yay for them recognising that the will of the Australian people could mean that talking to Howard during APEC is a useless exercise!

- Anyone else noticed that Rudd has made another strategic chess move - he's now calling himself the LEADER OF THE ALTERNATIVE GOVERNMENT rather than the leader of the opposition? Yay for positive affirmation.
Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Resistance is Everywhere!

My partner was on the bus to work today in the parking lot that John Howard has made our city. Anyway, he's bored, very bored, so he's holding up his 'DOES MY BOMB LOOK BIG IN THIS?' bag to amuse other motorists. Apparently female police LOVE it.

He shows a bus driver, who nearly wets himself with laughter. He has a sign in his window saying: "Bus Terminates at Wynyard". He turns it over, gets a texta and scrawls madly. His sign now reads: "BUS EXPLODES AT WYNYARD".

*bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha*

Keep culture jamming people - maybe we can't make it the kind of Australia that WE WANT - but at least we'll stop it from being John Howard's Australia!