September 13th, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

2008 Bent Fork Award Dinner

Last night two good things happened - I got to go to my first 'awards' dinner with this food writing gig, and I got to eat at one of my favourite restaurants again, Blancmange. If you want to know why I like Blancmange so much, check out my earlier review post on it here:

Being invited to this dinner felt a bit like having made it in this food-related world that I have found myself in. I took along Craig, because this - having to dine with the inner food reviewer set - seemed a bit scary, but I actually really enjoyed myself.

It was great talking to people who love food, and hearing about their reviewing experiences. Plus I got to meet a man called Chris who is known as the thesaurus of People Magazine - to be the thesaurus of a magazine who makes up words that are culturally understood, and can feature on the cover of his magazine in these days of extreme censorship makes him one of my heros!

I relieved to find out that the food set seem to all be lefties at heart - John Newton (one of the Editors, and the guy who taught my Food Writing course) was at the APEC protest too! Craig was happy about this too - particularly meeting Mary Brander, the Canberra reviewer.

I enjoyed co-Editor Stephanie Clifford-Smith's description of Glebe Point Diner so much I need to go. They shared the 2008 Bent Fork Award with Blancmange.

And as for the food... it was all incredibly good. For myself, I dined on:

Entree:  Twice Baked Asparagus and Cheese Souffle

Main: Char Grilled Sirloin Steak with Cafe de Paris Butter & Shoe String Chips

Dessert (provided by Glebe Point Diner): Honey & Rosemary Pannacotta with Baked Quince

Craig deserves points for being brave and trying Spicy Tripe, Boudin Noir & Tomato Salad as an entree - funnily enough it was fabulous. My preemptive ban on tripe is apparently over... down fall the barriers.

We got copies of the guide itself - Sydney Eats 2008 with Cheap Eats (RRP $14.95) - and it's great. You should all go forth to your newsagents and buy one.