September 16th, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Petfest & Produce Drive

Today we went WEST - strangely enough we were recognised as not belonging there - one man started quoting a Hugh Jackman song: "When my baby; When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio; De Janeiro, my-oh-me-oh..." This was odd. Dorothy clicked her heels together and floored the accelerator, blasting the red Honda out of there!

We started off at Merrylands for Petfest. The cats got treats from SASSY TREATS - all natural, hand made, blah-de-blah. When we presented these offerings to the jury, we got two: yes please, and one: only under duress, so I would assume they were a success. They also do food, with like real food in it for them, home delivered. Check them out here:

After marveling at the cute (I liked a blue-eyed Harlequin Great Dane the best) and watching competitive fly-ball, we ate where the piggies ate (lots of bacon guarding picnic blankets, and Rotary sausage sizzle stands) then we left for the unknown...

I decided to cross off Alba Patisserie from my Want To Do list as we were close. We also stopped off at a Halal Butcher in Merrylands who sold us some amazing Chili Chutney ($6.00) and some mince for stuffing our La Ionica chook tonight (we're making work lunches as we're broke).

Here's what we got for about $10 - don't they look yummy?

Interestingly, the large white disc in the top left corner is so similar to a Jalebi (Indian sweet - usually orange) except the sugar syrup that bursts out it is flavoured with different things - like rose water. They're so good... mmmmmmmnn

Then it was off to Granville, to go to a couple of shops - one Islander and one Middle Eastern. We did a bit of a walk around, discovered another amazing pastry place (totally glamour) called El Sweetie... I am going back, because we already had sugary treats from Alba! Best discovery was this shop:

Looked totally unassuming, but had the nicest man running it who explained the products well. They make 100% wholemeal bread called Saj Bread ($1.00 piece / $3.00 bag of 4 pieces). It's cooked on these convex saj ovens, you can see him making one in this picture:

The one we tried was a Cheese ($4.50) one, and it was great. The bread keeps for at least 3 weeks, and we got some of that too. Apparently this is how they used to cook in Lebanon many years ago. The one you can see on the oven in the picture below is an Saroukh Oregano ($2) one, which he insisted we try for free (he was so delighted that we were interested):

Also in Granville we found pure coconut oil, some of the best looking snake beans ever, Corsican lemon squeeze, amazing Haloumi cheese, halva, young coconut juice, garlic dip... and there was much more to be had!

Our next strange things excursion will be to Auburn, which we car-browsed as we drove home.

Alba's Patisserie
6 Sherwood Road, Merrylands
Ph: (02) 9682 6638

Saj Bread Bakery
Shop 32, South Street, Granville
Ph: 0401298 417