September 19th, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Bite Me (CLOSED)

Here's another not-too-expensive place (well, I probably would consider it expensive for burgers) that I really enjoyed - Bite Me. Okay, yes, it's a franchise, and there is a lot of American modeling to it, but it is actually Australian. They currently have a store in Paddington on Oxford Street, and before Xmas, two more stores will open - one in Darlinghurst (also on Oxford Street) and one in Bondi. And their wall motto reads: "Making the World a Burger Place."

What they do well is cook produce orientated burgers in a very hip setting. Be warned, there's branding everywhere... the burgers say 'Eat Me'; the cutlery says 'Use Me' and there are some very funky photos on the wall in the little red box restaurant. That said, the chefs wear whites, and the kitchen looks gleaming. The packaging looks recyclable, and the quality of the ingredients is fantastic.

What's even better - the ingredients are almost all high quality Australian produce, and there don't seem to be a great amount of 'secret' ingredients (take for example the scary 38 ingredients in McDonald's Chicken McNuggets). Think things like King Island Beef, Cheddar and Brie; Terra Rossa Beef and Spencer Gulf Prawns. We started with Bite Me Guacamole ($6) which was lovely and fresh:

In terms of presentation, they won me over with the chips - served in a mini shopping cart, with real salt, and fat chips. Now I still think that Fish on Fire did better chips, but these were not bad! Oh and have you noticed yet that eat-in meals are served on crockery (hallelujah)?

But you want to see the burgers, right? We chose one full sized burger - the Truffled Wagyu Burger ($17) and a selection of their Mini Bites ($5-6). The former is this meaty beauty pictured below:

But my favourite was one of the Mini Bites - the Bloody Mary Burger ($6) which was marinated in vodka, with a special Bloody Mary Sauce (also containing Vodka). Note that sauce is served in a little Bloody Mary like shot glass... very cute. What delighted me even more was having options like Monterey Jack Cheese or Haloumi to add to your burger... no plastic cheese here!

And don't forget to save room for dessert - they have a contract with Pat & Stick's homemade icecream sandwiches... if the Expresso Lace ($5) one is still on offer, go there, it was great!

The new store in Darlinghurst will apparently boast an instore DJ. It's been causing a little kerfuffle in the queer press - it was implied that ANOTHER burger place will bring in the riff-raff to Oxford Street. Last time I looked, homophobic riff-raff didn't hang out in places with crockery, and high priced burgers, so I think the gay ghetto is probably safe. Breaking news makes me wonder if it will happen! Read the full story HERE.

Bite Me
340 Oxford Street
, Paddington
Ph: (02) 9331 1916

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