September 23rd, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

To The Harbour, Darling?

That's one of the funnier entries we saw today as we strolled by Chalk The Walk - a free chalk art exhibition in Darling Harbour.
Collapse )

We then wandered in the gorgeous sunshine past a mighty power-rangers show (quirky and funny ham acting with 'kapows' built into the soundtrack):

Watched some competitive Korean chef meets drum work at the Korea Chuseok Festival where everything Korean was on display, including bowls of pre-packaged noodles (odd I thought):

Just down from the Koreans, were the Brazilians... and there was picahna roasting on the spit:

There was also an amazing exhibition of aerial photos of the world called Earth From Above. It had everything from rice paddies to Ibises in Venezula (who eat so many crustaceans that their feathers are stained scarlet) to heart-shaped coral reefs. You can just see it behind the fountain:

Here is an image from the exhibition - the man is lying on bales of cotton (not giant cauliflowers):

It seems that there's lots of great free stuff in this city these days.