November 7th, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Just Thai

If you're ever on the way to the beach, and want some cheap & cheerful Thai food, then Just Thai is the restaurant for you!

It's a bright, cheerful room, with a long communal table so you can make new friends too! The sound and smell of sizzling woks make for hungry diners, but luckily food arrives quickly! Above you can see some of their entrees - the best of which were the Curry puffs ($1.50/each) because they had a light, crunchy pastry.

The best dish I tried was Lemongrass Squid ($12.90) with my only criticism being that it was actually both octopus and squid, as you can see in the photo. The chef has a light touch, so the beans and broccoli remained crunchy, and the squid was not rubbery!

Now whilst the flavours are pitched at mild, when you ask for HOT, they certainly do deliver it. This is the Black Pepper Duck Curry ($14.90) and it packed a punch.

It's fresh, it's affordable (no dishes over $15) and it's worth checking out if you're in Bondi. They're children friendly too - the owner makes up Just Thai colouring books for younger guests to keep them amused.

Just Thai
300 Bondi Road, Bondi Beach
Ph: (02) 9365 5188
Modern Thai  $

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Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Lebanon and Beyond

If you like lebanese food and feel like a nice date, Lebanon and Beyond would be a perfect place to go. Why not make a night of it and treat your honey to a movie too at The Randwick Ritz (which is reasonably close by)? I hazard you could pay for dinner and a movie each and get change from a $100. It's not too fancy, locals flock to it, and the food is great!

The best two things for me were the delicate pastry on the Lady’s Fingers ($9) and the Spinach Pie ($9) which they slice diagonally. These are the best examples of this dish that I have tried in Australia.

They also have perhaps my favourite Hummous in Sydney, available on a great Mix Dip Plate ($11/$16.50) with a lovely Labne, and an okay Baba Ganoush. Why is it that a great Hummous and a great Baba Ganoush are never to be found at the same restaurant?

If you’re feeling daring, order Fattouch ($8.50/$15) – it’s a garden salad heavily seasoned with sumac and lemon juice, flecked with crunchy pieces of fried Lebanese bread - a riot in your mouth. I thought it was a great alternative if you're a bit bored with Tabouli.

Their dishes are well presented – for mains it’d be hard to go past the Shish Kebab ($15.90), a well-cooked char-grilled feast of marinated lamb chunks; or the Garlic Chicken ($15.90), skewered breast pieces of chook, also marinated and char-grilled. But it's the Shawarma ($15.90) that looks the most beautiful on the plate, as you can see by my photo.

I found the service to be warm, although they perhaps got a little less interested once your dishes had been delivered. They also gave a lot of complimentary extras like plates of olives, pickled peppers and peanuts to abate your hunger while you peruse the menu; and chewing gum to freshen your mouth as you leave.

Lebanon and Beyond
Shop 3/187 Alison Road, Randwick
Ph: (02) 9326 5347

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