November 9th, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Taste of Brazil

As well as eating a lot of French and Modern Australian food, we have also had a few more diverse cuisines lately. One I particularly enjoyed trying was a Brazilian restaurant called Taste of Brazil (predictably enough) in Pyrmont. It was especially interesting to me as I hadn't eaten very much South American food. It offers a fairly uncompromising look at Brazilian cuisine, and I think it would be almost essential to check out if you’re planning a South American sojourn.

First up, they got a couple of Caiparinhas ($8.50) into us. Now these I had tried before, and knew that they induce an awful hangover from the spirit Cachasa, so I sipped somewhat carefully, until of course these amazing pieces of cheesy goodness arrived:

They're called Pao de Queijo or Cheese Bread ($5.50) and they make an excellent alcohol accompaniment. Think doughy cheesy puffs, and you'd be on the right track.

Now this may be a hard restaurant for vegetarians, as the cheese balls and this Garden Salad ($9.50) were about the sum total of the vegetable component of the meal.

But there were some interesting sides. Here you can see a tangy Vinagrete ($4.50) which was great when you teamed it with the Farofa ($4) - a really tasty mix of fried cassava flour, bacon, onion and garlic.

Apparently it is even better to eat those two sides with the meaty Feijao ($14.50) which is a thick mix of pork sausage, black beans and dried pork. It doesn't look pretty but when eaten in combination with the sides, it was a new taste sensation.

Next up was a dish from the north-east of Brazil, called Prawn Moqueca ($24.00).  In my photo you can make out the black tiger prawns which are cooked in coconut milk, palm oil, capsicum, onion and spices. The small dish you can see behind it was the sauce cooked down a little which we enjoyed over rice with the sides I mentioned earlier.

Now a lot of the menu includes what I call 'on-the-table stunt food', which makes for great group dining fun. I would recommend you go for their $35/head all-you-can-heat banquet - you get six different meats, and three sides. One of the meats is of course the amazing Picanha/Rump Steak which you can see below being sliced on the table. Other meats like Chicken Wings also come on large skewers and are distributed at the table by a man with a large knife!

The slices of rump were amazingly tender, but incredibly salty. I have to say that the picahnas that Craig has been cooking at home on the rotisserie BBQ have been more to my taste, but I enjoyed seeing how it's done in Brazilian cattle country.

And as if we hadn't already eaten enough of this chef's choice meal, we were enticed by a slice of this Dulce de Leche Flan.

The wine list is small and a bit ordinary, with most available by the glass – but of course there are those hangover inducing cocktails to stock up on...

Taste of Brazil
11A Pyrmont Bridge Road, Pyrmont
Ph: (02) 9518 5790

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