November 30th, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Bar Prego, Marlborough Hotel

I don't spend a whole lot of time in pubs, but recently I was asked to review the food at Bar Prego, in the Marlborough Hotel. I got a tour of the whole place, and was impressed that you can have food pretty much anywhere you like, which includes not one but three outdoor spaces (where those of you who smoke still can). This photo shows the small courtyard, but I actually preferred the outdoor back terrace one floor up. Apparently you can hire that space too, for a private party, and in summer they put a barbecue out there.

Looking in the other direction, you can see the beginning of their cocktail lounge:

For an entree, I chose (and was really quite enamoured with) the Peanut and Blue Cheese Wontons with Raspberry Dipping Sauce ($11) - my dining companion was scared of how intense the Blue Cheese would be, and pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be mild and pleasant. They were quite moreish!

Cocktails, like the Cinnamon and Lychee Mojito ($9.50) were well priced and reasonably inventive - I would have no problem drinking from their list!

For my main, I found it hard to go past the Wagyu Beef Burger ($15) which came with cheese, pineapple, gherkin, a nice barbecue sauce & fries. They used nice quality meat, and it was a quite successful burger.

My dining companion enjoyed a salad of Chargrilled Calamari ($14.50) which was marinated in chilli & lime, and drizzled with a mango dressing.

Later we were joined by the general manager of the hotel, Michael Rigg, who had a salad of Grilled Haloumi $14.50) which was served on cous cous and green beans with maple walnuts.

Perhaps most exciting was the dessert - an innovative Tobacco Infused Panna Cotta ($9.50) which lay under a whisky jelly and sat beside a fruit compot.

The chef is an lovely young New Zealander, and the menu started a couple of weeks ago (on the day I attended actually). It's well worth checking out next time you want reasonably priced food and a beverage or two in Newtown.

Bar Prego at the Marlborough Hotel
145 King St, Newtown
Ph: (02) 9519-1222

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