December 30th, 2007

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Still Obsessed by Sparkly Lights

Okay, just click here if you like Xmas lights, because while I am still slamming on my breaks every time I see lighting gold, I am sure not everyone is that excitable...

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Next of course there was  Xmas present world - we got each other half of a Playstation3, which has been loads of fun thus far, especially with the new generation eye toy! Plus there was also Craig's new electric scooter - this time even more Vespa-like in black and white!

More later!
Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Trapped in Darling Harbour

Ever had a premonition of something that will happen, and then kick yourself when it actually does? Well I had this idea, that needed well... a minder. But of course, in a moment of folly, we launched without one, and ended up TRAPPED in Darling Harbour.

It started with a trip on the new ferris wheel...

It's was 46M high!

You sit in capsules which are mostly see-through. We were in one by ourselves, which left ample opportunity for badness.

This is taken looking down through the floor at the ground...

But then the ferris wheel ride was over... yet we were in no fit state to traverse the scary Darling Harbour landscape. Trapped, we stood in the path of a fountain, and stared at the mighty wheel, contemplating our next maneuver.

Luckily the water was mesmerising... and we felt camouflaged looking at it, as it was something normal people looked at too. So we swayed near it for quite some time.

Drawn by the need to leave, we found our sea legs and 'tarded along. The landscape was bewildering - we were sucked into an amusement arcade, played Time Crisis very badly, laughed at ourselves, then stopped for a rest.

But then, like a shining beacon, we were lured by a lurid blue Xmas tree, guiding our path. It felt like a semi-religious epiphany at the time...

It was a long way off, and we doubted our ability to get there unscathed. Uneven surfaces were not our friends. Our legs wobbled, but we kept the goal in our addled sights...

Those set to thwart us set up water hazards along the way...

At last success. But dazzled by the lights, it was hard to move. And we realised it had been a false epiphany - we were no closer to a way out. We looked at each other in horror - we really were TRAPPED in Darling Harbour!

This story was brought to you by the letter K, and the number 2.