January 15th, 2008

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Miro Tapas Bar

I had been meaning to dine at Miro for a while - it's on Liverpool Street in the Spanish Quarter, and I had read their menu a while back and found it interesting. It is an unpretentious underground space so there’s no need to dress up. Think dark, and full of people who want to eat... no models allowed!

The decor is nothing fancy, but it's comfortable. Just bring along a crowd as the portions are geared for sharing – and whilst your waitperson may recommend two dishes per person, start with a few less than that then add more if needed as their bowls are deceptively large.

For me, Spanish dining is as much about the booze as it is the food. They make a mean salt-rimmed Margarita ($10) and offer a selection of Spanish wines, liqueurs and beers to complete your authentic Spanish dining experience.

But for a really authentic dining experience, you of course need to drink Sangria! The popular red-wine based Sangria is alcoholically enhanced with Brandy and Vermouth and balanced with fresh fruit. It’s available in jugs ($20), half-jugs ($13) and by the glass ($6.50). It was good, but not as good as the Sangria from that one we went to with ms_victoria  in Marion Street (the name of the place escapes me).

You can round out the corners with Garlic Bread ($3 / 3 pieces).

Their tapas selection includes favourites like perfectly cooked Deep Fried Potatoes in Paprika and Chilli Salsa ($9). These were excellent - possibly the best dish we had.

This dish was vegetarian, and a tad strange... Espinacas a la Catalana ($10) or spinach leaves sautéed with pine nuts and sultanas in béchamel sauce. I would not deem it a successful dish, but it read well!

I liked the more interesting selections like the Chorizo con Manzanas Caramelizadas ($12). Whilst the Chorizo wasn’t the spiciest I have tried, it did go well with the caramelised apples.

This dish was also exotic - Barbequed Scotch Fillets with Blue Cheese and Beetroot ($18). I thought it was quite good too, and I have never seen it on any other Spanish menu.

All up, a great and inexpensive place to take a group of people, for a nice tapas meal.

Miro Tapas Bar
76 Liverpool Street, Sydney
Ph:(02) 9267 3126

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